About Dari International Group

Dari International Group started its journey since 2008 until today it has become one of the largest companies in international trade. Over the years, it was able to achieve qualitative achievements and developments in its field of work in China, which enabled it to export to all countries of the world, as it drew up strategic plans that resolved to rise to the summit to achieve its future vision.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide additional services and advice to meet the needs of our customers, which in turn will earn us their trust. This is achieved by providing unlimited opportunities for our clients to invest and giving them business relationships.

What We Porvide

Integrated trade services for merchants and entrepreneurs in China

  • Business consulting.

  • Finding products

  • Monitoring and examination.

  • Air and sea Shipping services.

  • Finding equipment and production lines.

  • Coordinating commercial trips and visiting factories.