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Package : Ertah Two

Package Cost : 15000$

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Dari International is a company headquartered in Quanzhou, China, with its branches in Jeddah, Iwu and Al Ain.

  • The applicant assigns to Dari International Company the implementation of all interior design works assigned to the project, which include decorations, ceilings, walls, floors, painting and lighting distribution, in accordance with the technical specifications of the Saudi market and the applicant's wishes.
  • The design method is according to the desires and ideas of the second party, if there are specific ideas or designs for him, or the work is complete by submitting a proposal that is designed after determining the needs of the applicant and in this case proposals and designs are submitted through which the applicant can choose and amend within reasonable limits in order to complete the work on time .
  • Determining the quality of the design by the applicant. The engineers and designers at Dari International should choose what is available and compatible with the client's requests and desires.
  • Submit the complete work to the client in a file containing all the designs and the design details.
  • Dari International will provide the cost price for the products from China according to the items presented in the package and design.
  • The company provides a summary of the supply order for all items with its cost and the cost of importing them.
  • Dari follows up and controls the quality during the manufacturing period and make sure it matches with the items provided in the design.
  • Dari International Company guarantees that all products that are imported are of quality and conform to Saudi specifications.
  • The company photographs products and sends them to the customer during contracting, manufacturing, receiving and shipping.
  • Follow up loading the containers for the items of supply at the time of shipment and close them tightly and record the closing number.
  • The value of items of supply must be paid in full to initiate the ordering, manufacturing and sourcing process.
  • The package value includes design fees and supply service fees, and does not include the value of the goods and the shipping value.
  • If you agree to the terms and conditions of the package, then you agree to all of the above items and are aware of that.

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